Ketamine is not your typical antidepressant.

Ketamine infusions provide a critical shift in perspective. We create a safe and peaceful environment for you to dive into the root of your issues and resolve them. This is healing by learning. Our program teaches you a healthy way to process emotions and memories and practice positive habits that will build an unstoppable momentum towards the life you want.

This is true change.

My husband has struggled with
addiction during a major part of our relationship. I have seen, first-hand, the immediate and beautiful changes
that ketamine has had on my husband.
— Patient's Wife
I had a great experience. It made me feel like I had 100 pound weight lifted off my shoulders. I left feeling much lighter!
— Patient, 25 Male with a history of major depressive disorder & opioid addiction
My ketamine experience changed my relationship with substance abuse and provided me with the strength I needed to overcome my addictive tendancies. Everyone from my doctor and my nurse were so caring and simply invested in my well-being. I recommend MY KETAMINE ROAD to anyone considering IV Ketamine infusions.
— Patient, 33 Male with a history of cocaine addiction