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How effective is Ketamine?
Research shows improvement in 70-80% of patients who are treated with ketamine for depression. It is the fastest acting antidepressant available in modern medicine.

Will I have to take Ketamine forever? I don’t want to develop a dependency.
No. You will not need to take ketamine after this program to maintain your benefits. A series of ketamine infusions has been shown to be effective in creating long term benefits. Our protocol is designed to give you the lowest effective dose at solidifying your insights and building the healthy habits that will sustain your improvement. However, there may be times when additional boosters may be helpful and that will be a joint decision on an individual basis.

Can someone (family member/friend) join me during my infusion?
We encourage, and are grateful, to have a family member or friend available during an infusion to help comfort the patient. Your social support inside and outside this program is one of the pillars of your long term success.

Can my psychologist join me during my infusion?
Your psychologist or counselor is also welcome to join you during your infusion and perform ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. You will be in a open state of mind and have safe access to thoughts and beliefs that you may want to explore with a trusted therapist. This can be a truly powerful tool to maximize the benefits of counseling.

How is Ketamine given?
Ketamine can be given through multiple routes including intramuscular injection, intravenous infusion, and intranasal spray. The majority of the studies have been done on intravenous ketamine, and it has been shown to be very safe and effective. The reason why ketamine is so effective when it is given intravenously is because of consistent dosing and 100% bioavailability. We can achieve the right levels and adjust the infusion for your individual needs. Intranasal ketamine is not as effective because of variability in delivery and absorption and cannot be titrated easily. The clinical results of IV ketamine are superior to any other route.

Can I eat before my ketamine infusion?
We ask that you refrain from eating at least 6 hours prior to the infusion.

What activities should I avoid doing after my infusion?
We ask that you not drive or operate any heavy machinery for 24 hours after your infusion. The effects of ketamine wear off rapidly after the infusion ends and you will be functioning normally within 15 minutes. However as a safety precaution, we will make sure you arrange a ride home after the infusion.

What if I prefer to work to my own psychologist during my treatment?
We encourage your existing mental healthcare providers to collaborate on your ketamine journey. The added support and relationships you have built with your treating provider will enhance your experience. We will make sure to involve them throughout the process.