As a doctor and as a friend, many people have leaned on me for support during their darkest hours and I’ve leaned on my close friends during mine.

“I created My Ketamine Road to support you with the environment, medicine and attention you need to lead the fulfilling life you deserve.”

Living with depression, addiction or any kind of pain are all different forms of suffering and nobody chooses to suffer...

Life is too precious to allow these conditions to distract us from what matters most.

Ketamine works wonders. It gives your mind the head start it needs to find peace and happiness. Our program equips people with the tools they need to make lasting positive changes. No matter where you are in life, we’ll take you where you want to go.

- Kazi Zayn Hassan, M.D.
Medical Director
My Ketamine Road

Current & Prior Affiliations


Lourdes E. Rios from the Love Discovery Institute is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Board Certified Sex Therapist. She has worked in the medical field for over twenty-five years. During her time as a counselor, Lourdes has worked in the field of Cognitive and Emotional Wellness with Trauma, Anxiety, Addictions spiritual crisis and Relationship Issues. Lourdes integration tools and techniques helps the individual process their powerful non-ordinary states of consciousness experiences.

Problems or difficulties with relationships or your social network can impact the manner in which you feel. This can be linked to depression, anxiety, or feeling overwhelmed. In therapy, Miguel works together with patients, so they can start feeling better in their day to day life and experience a positive transformation and permanent change.

Miguel has worked and trained in trauma, substance abuse, and mental health centers. He is trained in Somatic Experiencing® therapy, which effectively treats emotional wounds, depression, and anxiety. Miguel also integrates different modalities of treatment into his practice, such as EMDR, CBT, and psychodynamic approaches.

It takes a specially trained, compassionate, and understanding therapist to help you achieve your goals. Miguel works to provide a safe environment in order to explore pervasive patterns that are impacting your life, including interactions with others.


A native of New York, Faheem Mujahid is a Certified Integrative Health & Life coach, Private Yoga Instructor & Meditation Teacher. During his over sixteen years of experience working within the Health & Wellness Industry, Faheem specializes in an approach that empathizes and encourages while also creating a brave environment for meaningful, long-lasting change. Faheem applies a variety of tools and training techniques to ensure his clients’ success and enjoyment.